Miinus bought his first tape consisting Kiss and Dio on it around year 1984. Of course his preferences have changed a lot from those years, mostly by the time Techno hit Finland in 89-90. "I still remember the very first warehouse party I went in my hometown Rauma. Just those basic elements. To have a perfect athmosphere were there is smoke, strobes and spotlights collaborating with the music. Uhh! And I was hooked."

The beginning of 90´s definately was the turning point for his musical interests, and he continued following especially the eletronic music and collecting records as much as he could afford as a young bloke. But Not enough.

Other unforgetable moments Miinus experienced when Dr.M started a legendary club called Generaattori in 94. From Generaattori he probably got his biggest influences of how to play records and have a good time without predictible trained sets with no surprises, massive laser warzone and other gimmicks which are, sadly, too important for people today.

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